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Boxes and Dongles Activation Infinity Server 100 Credits

Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.23 - BB5 15/20 digits Fast SPUnlock enabled and more



- Service operations improved 

MTKx: Improved "Security Repair" feature

MTKx: Improved RPL operations


- Unlock operations improved

BB5 15/20 digits Fast SPUnlock enabled (1-2 minutes)

RAPUv11, RAPUv21, RAP3Gv4, BRCM2x platforms supported


- NaviManager updated

Revised Downloader engine

Enabled "QltQuery" option - allow download older SW version for some models

All latest Nokia MTK phones SW packages Query/Download fixed

Download by product code improved and revised


- Other 

Some bugfixes and improvements at all

MTKx: Some models can gone to stuck/blink due downgrade, for repair enough reflash latest SW version


List of currently supported models for direct unlock:


RM-381; Nokia 6750

RM-424; Nokia 6720c

RM-469; Nokia E52

RM-470; Nokia 6700c

RM-481; Nokia E52-2

RM-482; Nokia E55

RM-491; Nokia 6710s

RM-497; Nokia 7020

RM-529; Nokia E72-2

RM-530; Nokia E72

RM-540; Nokia X3-00

RM-547; Nokia 6730c

RM-564; Nokia 6720cb

RM-566; Nokia 6730c 

RM-576; Nokia 6700s

RM-577; Nokia 6700sc 

RM-582; Nokia Vertu CQ

RM-584; Nokia E72-5

RM-586; Nokia 2710c 

RM-596; Nokia N8-00

RM-598; Nokia 7230

RM-601; Nokia C6-01 

RM-604; Nokia 7230 

RM-609; Nokia E6-00 

RM-614; Nokia C3-00 

RM-615; Nokia 5330 

RM-618; Nokia X2-00 

RM-626; Nokia E7-00

RM-627; Nokia X5-01 

RM-632; Nokia E5-00

RM-634; Nokia E5-00 

RM-638; Nokia 6303ci

RM-639; Nokia X3-02

RM-640; Nokia C3-01  

RM-645; Nokia C5-00 

RM-648; Nokia X5-01 

RM-658; Nokia E73

RM-659; Nokia X7-00 

RM-670; Nokia 700

RM-675; Nokia C7-00

RM-679; Nokia T7-00

RM-681; Nokia Vertu CT

RM-682; Nokia 6702S 

RM-688; Nokia C5-00

RM-691; Nokia C7-00

RM-697; Nokia C5-03

RM-699; Nokia E5-00M 

RM-707; Nokia X7-00

RM-709; Nokia X2-01 

RM-714; Nokia Asha 311

RM-717; Nokia X2-01

RM-718; Nokia C6-01

RM-719; Nokia C5-03

RM-720; Nokia C5-04

RM-721; Nokia C2-01

RM-722; Nokia C2-01

RM-730; Nokia 702T

RM-744; Nokia C5-00

RM-745; Nokia C5-00

RM-749; Nokia C7-00s Oro

RM-750; Nokia 500

RM-754; Nokia 801T

RM-763; Nokia Asha 303

RM-774; Nokia 701

RM-775; Nokia X3-02

RM-776; Nokia C3-01

RM-779; Nokia 603

RM-781; Nokia Asha 300

RM-807; Nokia 808 Pure

RM-813; Nokia Asha 302

RM-815; Nokia C5-05

RM-816; Nokia C5-06


RM-884; Nokia Asha 302

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Infinity Server 100 Credits [Used]*


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Infinity Nokia [BEST] v2.23 - BB5 15/20 digits Fast SPUnlock enabled and more

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